Recreational Hunting

The Province provides hunters with the opportunity to get out into British Columbia’s (B.C.) world-renowned backcountry and enjoy the natural wonders of our province. All hunters must be familiar with hunting laws and regulations before hunting in B.C. If you plan to hunt in B.C., review the Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis.  

You are required to register for a Fish and Wildlife ID before you can apply for hunting, species and special area licences, limited entry hunting and a permit to accompany non-residents or non-resident aliens to hunt big game.

Choose the appropriate activity from the options below. Viewing the guidance before starting an application is recommended.

  • View Guidance – links you to detailed guidance for your activity’s application process or, in some cases, to the appropriate website for your activity.
  • Map an Area of Interest – links you to a map where you can find your area of interest on a map and research how it is currently being used.
  • Apply Now – if applicable, links directly to an application form, guidance page or website.

Hunter Registration

Apply for a Fish and Wildlife ID and residency and hunting credentials. Status First Nations are only required to register when applying for limited entry hunting. Please note that all hunters who wish to buy a hunting licence must meet the eligibility criteria set out in regulation and have a Fish and Wildlife ID.

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Hunting Licence

Apply for the following licences: resident, non-resident, non-resident alien, youth and initiation hunting licences; species licences; Fraser Valley and Gulf Islands special area licences; and upland game bird licence.

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Limited Entry Hunting

Submit an application to enter a draw to win an authorization to hunt a specific species in a specific area, which would not normally be available in open season hunting.

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Permission to Hunt

Annual purchase of BC residential hunting licence. Allows holder to hunt game which does not require a species tag and is a pre-requisite to applying for a species tag. Wildlife Permit - General

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Permit to Accompany Non-Residents or Non-Resident Aliens to Hunt Big Game

Apply for a permit to accompany a non-resident or non-resident alien to hunt big game in British Columbia.

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