Payment Guidelines

Payment Guidelines

Applications received without the correct payment type will not be actioned and will be held until the client provides an alternative payment in full. If the payment is not received within a reasonable timeframe, the application will be returned to the client.

Forms of Payment:

         FrontCounter BC accepts the following forms of payment:

FrontCounter BC accepts the following forms of payment:
  • Cheques: Must be in Canadian Funds from a Canadian Financial Institution
  •  Money Orders or Drafts: Issued in Canadian Funds
  •  Debit Card
  •  Visa, Mastercard and American Express: In-person or over the telephone
  •  Cash (where accepted by location)

         FrontCounter BC does NOT accept the following forms of payment:

  • Foreign or US cheques
  • E-Transfers
  • Wires

Credit Card Information:

         Credit card information cannot be accepted by email, fax or regular mail. Clients wanting to pay by credit card can:

         Credit card payments cannot be accepted for the following:

  •  Crown Land Sales
  •  Crown Grant Fees
  •  Statutory Declarations
  •  Tax Payments
  •  Security Deposits
  •  Environmental Management Discharge Fees
  •  Forestry Stumpage
  •  Royalty Payments for Crown Land (Statutory Declarations) associated with:
    • Gravel Quarry
    • Aggregate
    • Sand
    • Gravel Pit

Online Banking Information

Clients can pay for the following through online banking:

For more information, please contact FrontCounter BC.