Guide Outfitter Licence

Guide Outfitter Licence

A guide outfitter must be licensed to guide resident and non-resident hunters in an exclusive guide area with clearly defined and legally described boundaries. The guide areas vary considerably in size and availability of big game species. A guide outfitter licence can be issued for a term of 1 year or 5 years. If you hold a 5-year guide outfitter licence, your quota will be updated annually.

You can submit your application through BC Hunting Online or in-person at a FrontCounter BC location. To submit an application, you will be required to have a Fish and Wildlife ID (FWID).

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About this Activity Guide

This guide summarizes the most common requirements and recommendations for your chosen activity and is designed to help you submit a complete application. Be aware that this information is for guidance purposes only.

Mandatory Authorizations

Authorization Name Link to Authorization Guidance Link to Application
Wildlife Act - Commercial Licence Authorization Guidance Apply Now


Cost may be a specific value or range of values. The cost includes GST, where applicable.

Cost Type Cost Description Cost Link to Details
Application fee Fee for submitting application; first time applicant only $25 Fees must be paid at time of application. Guide Outfitter Licence Fees
Licence fees Licence fee plus Habitat Conservation Trust Fund (HCTF) fee 1 YR:$450 + $50
5 YR:$1750 + $250
Report and Royalty (if successful hunt) Royalty fee payable for harvested wildlife See link provided. You must submit your guide report and pay your royalties to continue accessing fish and wildlife services. Wildlife Act, Commercial Activities Regulation, Sec. 1.05.1 and 1.06

Eligibility Requirements

Ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements prior to applying.

Requirement Description
Guiding Territory Certificate A guiding territory is required. If you are not the holder of or the agent named on the guiding territory certificate for the guiding area you intent to guide hunters, you must provide written consent signed by the holder or agent named on the guiding territory certificate.
Link to form: Consent of Guiding Territory Certificate Holder or Agent Form
Guide Outfitter Exam A mark of eighty per cent (80%) is required to pass the Guide Outfitter exam, however, the Regional Manager must be satisfied that the applicant has a working knowledge of the Wildlife Act and its regulations. This may require further consultation in addition to the exam. You can arrange to take the Guide Outfitter exam by scheduling one through your local Service BC Access centre. Note that exam questions are intended to test the applicant’s knowledge of the Wildlife Act, Wildlife Act Commercial Activities Regulation, Wildlife Act General Regulation and the current British Columbia Hunting and Trapping Regulations Synopsis. See links section for full details of this legislation.
Citizenship/Residency Applicant must be a person who is a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident of Canada
Liability Insurance Applicant must have public liability insurance not less than $2,000,000 and that is applicable to this guiding business and in effect at the time of application for an annual licence.
Report and Royalties Applies to Renewals Reporting requirement and royalties from previous year(s) must be met in order to apply for renewal.

Information Requirements

Requirement Description Link to Details
Guide Outfitter Licence
  • The applicant must have a FWID.
  • First time applicants must provide proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency of Canada and successful completion of Guide Outfitter exam (or provide an acceptable demonstration of equivalent knowledge).
  • The applicant must also provide the Guiding Territory Certificate number and expiry date, confirmation whether the applicant is the holder or agent named on the Guiding Territory Certificate and the region name that the applicant intends to guide.
More information about guide outfitter licence

Potential Additional Requirements

Requirement Description When is it Required?
Assistant Hunting Guide Effective April 2015, this is no longer managed by the Government of British Columbia. Go to Guide Outfitter Association of British Columbia (GOABC) for more details. Applicant will need to pass assistant guide outfitting exam. See links section for more detail. When you want to become or hire an assistant hunting guide.
Commercial Recreation Park Use Permit A permit that allows you to conduct your activity within a park or protected area. Link to further details on Commercial Recreation Park Use Permits from the Links section. When providing commercial guided activities or special events in parks and protected areas.
Crown Land Tenure Land Act Application requirements vary depending on use. Typical requirements are: purpose, term, tenure type, description of access, size and location, and management plan. For any activities carried out on Crown land not already under an existing applicable tenure held by applicant.
Free Use Permit (FUP) Contact details, species and volume of timber, location of timber, associated tenure details, general and site map, and purpose. When cutting trees/timber Free Use Permit: <50m3
Guide Outfitter Cabin on Crown land Requires Crown land tenure under the Adventure Tourism/Commercial Recreation Policy. See Adventure Tourism Application Requirements List for details. Consent required before constructing or occupying a building or other structure on Crown land.
Guide Outfitter Report A guide outfitter must fully complete and submit an electronic Guide Outfitter Report through BC Hunting Online. Once submitted a report is immediately available to the hunter identified in the report. If the report cannot be completed electronically immediately after the hunt is concluded, a paper/or pdf Guide Report Form can be completed and entered into BC Hunting Online within 30 days after the hunt is concluded. For more information please see the Guide Outfitter Report page. Immediately after a hunt.
Short term Use of Water or Water Licence (Water Use) See links section for more information on water use. When using surface water such as streams or ponds for short term or long term (e.g., greater than 24 months).
Link Description
Adventure Tourism Application Requirements List A web page providing details on application requirements for constructing a guide outfitter cabin.
Commercial Recreation Park Use Permit A web page providing information on commercial guided activities or special events in parks and conservancies.
Crown Land Use A web page providing information on a variety of Crown land uses and application processes.
Guide Outfitter Association of British Columbia A web page maintained by the Guide Outfitter Association of BC containing contact details and general information (including the process of becoming an Assistant Hunting Guide).
Short Term Use of Water A web page providing application information requirements for obtaining a licence for the short term use of water.
Water Licence A web page providing application information requirements for obtaining a water licence.
Wildlife Act A web page providing details about the Wildlife Act and legislation regarding wildlife. Applicants taking the Guide Outfitter Exam will need to have a working knowledge of this Act.
Wildlife Act Commercial Activities Regulation A web page providing regulation details about the Wildlife Act. Applicants taking the Guide Outfitter Exam will need to have a working knowledge of this Regulation.

Other Things You Should Know

Archaeology Information
Archaeological sites are protected under the Heritage Conservation Act and must not be altered or damaged without a permit issued by the Archaeology Branch. Information regarding potential risks to protected archaeological sites may be obtained by submitting an online data request form to the Archaeology Branch or by contacting a professional archaeologist via the BC Association of Professional Archaeologists ( or via local directories. Visit the Archaeology Branch website for more information.

BCeID - What Is It and Why Get It?
BCeID is an online service that allows you to create a user ID and password to sign in securely to many Government services in British Columbia. The benefits of having a BCeID account include:

  • Stop and start. Save and return later to complete your application without losing any information previously entered.
  • Real time status information. Check the status of your application in real time.
  • Access your applications for multiple people (Business BCeID only) to edit or submit your application or check its status. To enroll in this service, visit the BCeID web page: FrontCounter BC - BCeID

Consulting with First Nations

  • The Province is committed to reconciliation as part of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People Act.
  • The Province is responsible for ensuring adequate and appropriate consultation and accommodation, it may involve the proponent in the procedural aspects of consultation.
Proponents are encouraged to engage with First Nations as early as possible in the planning stages to build relationships and for information sharing purposes. To get more information about the guidelines and procedure manuals that are designed to assist government officials and proponents with meeting consultation obligations, please visit the Consulting with First Nations web page.

Legal Disclaimer
This guide provides the most current and accurate information available to the Government of British Columbia at the time of publishing; however, we make no warranty regarding the completeness, currency or accuracy of this information. This information is for guidance purposes only and does not replace legislated requirements. Each application is unique and circumstances may result in additional requirements beyond those included in this guide.

Last Updated: July 14, 2023