Common Questions & Answers

Common Questions & Answers




  1. I want to buy Crown (government owned) land. Where and how can I do this?

Under the British Columbia Land Act government is not able to sell Crown land directly to an applicant, except in special cases. For example: the land of interest is landlocked and the applicant owns all the surrounding land. Otherwise, Crown land is sold through a competitive process and listed for auction.

When not sold at auction, Crown land is listed for sale on MLS listings such as

Please contact the FrontCounter BC office in your area of interest to discuss potential upcoming opportunities.


  1. Why does my hunter’s profile indicate there are no licences available to me and won’t let me buy a licence?  

There are several reasons why your hunting profile is not allowing you to purchase licencing or Limited Entry Hunting applications, including:

  • You have not applied for credentials (e.g. residency or hunting credentials) in your profile. Please follow the instructions for ‘How to access your profile or apply for credentials’.
  • Your BC Residency credential has expired. Please follow the instructions for ‘How to renew your residency credential’.
  • Your Hunting Credential is showing as ‘Suspended.’ You may have an unpaid fine under the Wildlife Act or are restricted from holding a hunting licence. If you have paid your fine and your profile is still showing as suspended, please call FrontCounter BC at 1 877 855-3222 for assistance.
  • You have unpaid royalties or an outstanding report for a past Permit to Accompany.  Please complete and submit Appendix C of your permit along with the royalty payment. If you do not have a copy of your permit, please contact FrontCounter BC at 1 877 855-3222.


  1. Why did I receive a water bill from the Crown (Government)?

British Columbia's Water Sustainability Act assigns ownership of surface and groundwater to the Crown (government), on behalf of the residents of the province. With a few exceptions, if you want to divert and use surface water or non-domestic groundwater, you must obtain a water licence or a use approval under the Water Sustainability Act that grants you the rights to that water. When a water licence is issued, annual water rentals are assessed. The statement you receive from the Water Management Branch reflects the annual rental charge for your right to use the water allocated to you. Click here for more information on water billing.