Public Access to Crown Land

Public Access to Crown Land

The Ministry of Forests (MOF) has identified several short-term, low-impact activities the public can undertake on Crown land, which may not require a specific Authorization or payment of a fee or rent under the Land Act.

The activities are identified in the Land Use Policy - Permission which applies to all Crown lands managed by MOF on behalf of the Province of British Columbia. The policy creates a “Permission” to use Crown Land, which carries with it the explicit responsibility of each user of Crown land to undertake activities in accordance with the conditions in the policy and to understand the risks associated with such activities.


The Permission Policy provides guidelines and authorization for various activities on Crown land including but not limited to:

•             transitory activities such as biking, filming, rock climbing, camping;

•             non-commercial filming/photography;

•             investigative activities;

•             aggregate testing;

•             beekeeping;

•             fossil research/assessment;

•             organized events 


There may be activities or areas where Permissions are not applicable. To determine if your activity or use is permitted and for detailed information on using Crown land for these and other activities, refer to the Land Use Policy - Permission.

The Permission also does not authorize activities which are prohibited under other legislation, such as Wildlife Act or Forest Range and Practices Act, Forest Act, Water Sustainability Act, Heritage Conservation Act, Environmental Management Act, Transportation Act, Park Act, Wildfire Act, Off-Road Vehicle Act and other legislation or regulations as applicable.



To find out more about what is possible under the Land Use Policy - Permission please read it in more detail, or check out the Crown Land Uses website for additional information.


For more information about specific uses of Crown Land, such as Adventure Tourism or Commercial Recreation, more information is available on the Crown Land Policies page.


Visit our Natural Resource Online Services website to find more information on different natural resources activities and authorizations.


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