Transfer a Park Use Permit

Transfer a Park Use Permit

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Permittees must apply to transfer their park use permit to another entity. Until your transfer application has been reviewed, approved, and a new permit has been issued to the named transferee you are responsible for all obligations in the park use permit.

The permit that is being transferred must be in good standing before a transfer can be initiated. ‘Good standing’ means that all fees, reports, and required proof of insurance have been submitted for your permit.

Film permits are not eligible for transfer.

The BC Parks Regional Office will review and make a decision on all transfers.

If you are transferring a park use permit for the purpose of Big Game Guiding, Angle Guiding, Trapping or Transporting  (under the Wildlife Act), the new permittee must hold a valid guide outfitter territory certificate, angle guiding licence, trapping licence, or transporter licence respectively before they will be able to exercise the rights under the park use permit.

What you need to apply

  1. A completed online application form. Please note that applications are not considered complete until the application fee has been paid and/or co-permittee consent is submitted. There is a transfer fee of $250.00 (plus applicable taxes) to be submitted with the request to transfer your permit.
  2. A written letter from the current permit holder requesting the transfer, which is to be uploaded to the online application. The written request must clearly indicate:
    1. that you will "relinquish your rights, terms and conditions of the permit";
    2. why you are requesting the transfer;
    3. that you are the current permit holder, or are authorized to sign on behalf of the permit holder; and
    4. the name of the person/company you wish to transfer your permit to.
  3. A written letter requesting to "assume the rights, terms and conditions of the permit" must also be uploaded to the online application from the person/company wishing to take over the permit. The letter must include:
    1. the transfer effective date;
    2. all contact information (name, address, phone, cell, and email) of the assuming Permittee;
    3. if it is a company, a contact name in addition to the legal name of the entity requesting to hold the permit;
    4. a statement that they are familiar with the terms and conditions of the permit;
    5. that they request to take on the obligations in the permit; and
    6. the signature of the entity or someone authorized to sign on their behalf.

Consultation with an Area Supervisor is recommended prior to submitting an application. Contact the BC Parks Area Supervisor responsible for the protected land(s) where you are applying for to discuss your application. Contact information for their regional offices will be listed in your current permit, or on the BC Parks Website.

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