Private Buoys

Private Buoys

It is the responsibility of Transport Canada for the enforcement and compliance provisions of the Private Buoy Regulations (PBR).


A private buoy is a floating marker for communicating traffic channels, speed limits, mooring locations or for warning boaters of hazards that is owned and operated by a person, organization or other group that is not a federal or provincial government or government agency. Before placing a private buoy in the water it must meet all requirements of the PBR.


Mooring Buoys

A mooring buoy is considered as “works” under the Navigation Protection Act and requires approval from the Minister. It is used to secure docks, piers or wharves and does not aid or direct mariners.


Placement of a mooring buoy is subject to review and approval under the Navigation Protection Program (NPP), please review the guidelines for Mooring Systems and contact your local NPP Regional Office for more information.




For detailed information about owning and maintaining a private buoy please refer to the Mooring Buoy FAQ’s and the Owner’s Guide to Private Buoys and the Private Buoy Regulations.