Mapping Resources

Mapping Resources

Area of Interest Evaluation

An area of Interest evaluation is a report generated from the mapping tool by comparing your Area of Interest (AOI) to map layers that were selected as most relevant to a natural resource application.


Mapping Tools

A list of free web based mapping programs and tools that are supported by the BC Provincial Government. The list includes a comparison of each of the mapping programs so you can easily decide which one is most suitable for your needs.


Geomark Web Service

This tool will convert your spatial file from one format to another. There are many different file formats to choose from. You can also create a URL of your spatial file that you can share with others.


Supported Spatial File Formats

BC Provincial Government supports a wide variety of spatial file formats. When a client submits an application for a licence, permit, registration or other authorization, they are often required to submit a spatial file of the area they wish to conduct business in. The Supported Spatial File formats document lists/explains some of commonly used formats accepted with those applications.


Map Projection and Coordinate Systems

A brief description of what projections and coordinate systems are, which ones are widely used in the BC Provincial Government.