Dike Maintenance Act Approval - Amendment

Dike Maintenance Act Approval - Amendment

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This application allows you to request any of the following changes to your existing Dike Maintenance Act (DMA) Approval:

  • Change of Works – apply to change the works previously approved under your DMA Approval.
  • Extension of Term – apply to extend the term of the DMA Approval.
  • Transfer of Approval Holder or responsibility – apply to a transfer the responsibility, rights and obligations under a Dike Maintenance Act Approval to a new Approval holder. 

It is possible to apply for more than one change through one amendment application.

Note that depending on the type of change, conditions may be added as a part of the change approval process.

Costs and Responsibilities

There are no fees for this application.

What you need to apply

Information required to complete an application for all amendment types:

  • The name and contact information of the applicant and the applicant's agent, if applicable. If there are co-applicants for the licence, a BCeID is required in order to complete and submit the application. Obtain the BCeID before starting your water licence application as you will not be able to save your application without it.
  • Job number or the vFCBC tracking number of the existing DMA Approval that is being amended.
  • Description of the changes you would like to make and the reasons for the changes.

For a Transfer of Approval Holder or responsibility

  • If you want to transfer your approval, you will need to provide a reason for the transfer.
  • The name and contact information of the new approval holder.

If any changes to the works are required, you will also have to fill out the 'Change of Works' section of the application.

For a change of works

  • Changes to works you would like to add and works you would like to remove from the existing Approval.

For an Extension of Term

  • New proposed end date of the licence term.
  • Reason for requesting an extension in the approval term.


  • A copy of your Letter of Agency or other proof of authorization if you are completing the application on behalf of the applicant.

What happens after you apply

  1. Receiving the application
FrontCounter BC will review any documents you might mail or bring to one of the FrontCounter BC offices. If more information is required, they will contact you. Your application will not be accepted for adjudication until all required information is received.
  1. Consultations & Referrals
Applications may be referred to other provincial and federal regulatory agencies for comment during the adjudication process. Consultation with First Nations, other water users, community groups or other parties may be required if existing rights could be affected by your application.
  1. Review
Once all comments and objections from potentially affected parties, and any additional information provided by you or affected parties, applications undergo a technical review. During the technical review process you may be asked to provide additional information or may be required to undertake further study to support your application. On the basis of this review, a recommendation is made for the consideration of a statutory decision maker, normally a Deputy Inspector of Dikes, who is authorized under legislation to grant a change approval.
  1. Decision
A Deputy Inspector of Dikes from Ministry of Forests will decide whether to approve your application after weighing the information, and will inform you of the decision.
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Tips for a successful application

Follow these tips to make the application process easier:

1.    Review this guide and have all the information and documents ready before you start filling out the application.

2.    Use a Basic, Personal or Business BCeID for your application. A BCeID is easy to get and allows you to save your application, reopen it, and check the status of your application online.            Applications will automatically time-out after a certain period of inactivity if not saved.

3.    Contact FrontCounter BC before you begin, to help you with all natural resource applications.