Dam Safety - Annual Dam Status Report

Dam Safety - Annual Dam Status Report

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Owners of dams with a failure consequence classification of high, very high, and extreme are required to submit an annual dam status report to the Dam Safety Program.  Dam safety officers use this annual dam status information to assess compliance between dam safety audits, ensure information in the provincial dam database is current, and help dam owners address any emerging dam safety issues.

The Dam Safety Program will send a letter to dam owners in December 2019 requesting them to complete their annual dam status reports by March 1, 2020.

What you need to apply

  • A Business, Personal or Basic BCeID is recommended so you can save your application and return to it later.
  • Dam File Number(s) for all dams that you own with consequence classifications of high, very high, or extreme. Dam File Numbers appear in the table at the top of the letter you received from the Comptroller of water Rights.
  • The Job Number that appears in the letter you received from the Comptroller of Water Rights.
  • Confirmation that you or your representative attended our provincial dam safety workshop and if so the year you attended.
  • Confirmation that a formal inspection of the dam was conducted in 2019.
  • The name of the person who conducted the 2019 formal inspection.
  • Confirmation that routine site surveillance of the dam was conducted in 2019.
  • Comments on the formal inspection and/or site surveillance conducted in 2019.
  • Information on any dam safety concerns that were identified in 2019 and plans prepared to address those concerns.
  • The year that the last dam safety review was conducted for the dam.
  • The year when the Operation, Maintenance and Surveillance manual was last updated.
  • The year when the Dam Emergency Plan was last updated and whether information from the Dam Emergency Plan has been submitted to the local emergency authority.
  • Information on any land development that has occurred downstream of the dam in 2019 that might change the failure consequence classification of the dam.
  • Retaining records related to your dam is the responsibility of the dam owner. Submission of records is not required unless specifically requested by the dam safety officer. However, if a record is requested by a dam safety officer, the dam safety report submission process can be used to upload your digital records. These records may include:
    • Operation, Maintenance and Surveillance Manual
    • Dam Emergency Plan
    • Updated emergency contact information
    • Reports of plans to address potential safety hazards
    • Other dam safety documents

What happens after you apply

Your dam safety officer will review the information you submitted and update the records for your dam(s) in the dam safety database.  The dam safety officer may contact you to request additional information or schedule a site visit to meet with you and discuss any concerns related to your dam(s).  Please contact your dam safety officer if you have any questions about your annual dam status report or dam safety issues.

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Step by Step User Guide - How to submit a Dam Status Report

Tips for a successful application

Follow these tips to make the report process easier:

  1. Review this guide and have all the information and documents ready before you start filling out the report.
  2. Use a Basic, Personal, or Business BCeID for your application. A BCeID is easy to get and allows you to save your report and reopen it to complete it at another time. The report will automatically time-out after a certain period of inactivity if not saved.
  3. Contact FrontCounter BC before you begin, to help you with all natural resource applications.