Water Licence Administration

Allows you to request changes to your water licence.

Choose the appropriate activity from the options below. Viewing the guidance before starting an application is recommended.

  • View Guidance – links you to detailed guidance for your activity’s application process or, in some cases, to the appropriate website for your activity.
  • Apply Now – if applicable, links directly to an application form, guidance page or website.

Water Licence Change

An application to submit a request for a water licence to be amended (e.g. apportion the licence due to a subdivision, transfer it to another property), change the terms of usage (e.g. purpose, works) or to abandon a water licence.

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Water Licence Ownership Update

A process which allows an licence holder to submit a notice of a change to any of the licence holder information. This usually happens when the land which the licence was issued for changes hands or if the licence holder needs to update or correct their ownership information.

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