Agricultural producers can apply to use Crown land for the cultivation and production of crops, and hay cutting and grazing.

Choose the appropriate activity from the options below. Viewing the guidance before starting an application is recommended.

  • View Guidance – links you to detailed guidance for your activity’s application process or, in some cases, to the appropriate website for your activity.
  • Map an Area of Interest – links you to a map where you can find your area of interest on a map and research how it is currently being used.
  • Apply Now – if applicable, links directly to an application form, guidance page or website.


An application for soil-bound cultivation on Crown land to produce cereal, seed, forage, vegetable or fruit crops for mechanical harvesting. This involves intense use of a small area.

View Guidance Map an area of interest Apply Now

An application to farm on Crown land which can include activities such as farming animals and having a market garden or a feed lot.

View Guidance Map an area of interest Apply Now